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Medi-Evil® Nutrition has a range of award-winning products that have been expertly formulated to perform on a whole new level. As a result our premium high-performance products are second to none.

“Power Beyond Belief” is our motto and we are certain you won’t believe the extra power our products bring. All our products are manufactured in the UK, using only the finest ingredients. At Medi-Evil® Nutrition we set a high benchmark for others to follow!

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News from Medi-Evil® Nutrition blog
Savvas Kyriacou of Muscleworks Gym

Sav Talks: Training Correctly

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  Sav Talks Training Correctly - the best and most efficient way of training and not wasting more time and effort in accomplishing zero.  The last thing you want is to just be a busy fool and achieve little or nothing for all your…
man and woman in gym

The best fat burner for men and women

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  Medi-evil Excalibur: The best fat burner for men and women: The best fat burner for men and women is unlike many sports nutrition products, which are usually formulated for either men or women due to their differing calorie requirements.…
raging bodybuilder using creatine image

Benefits of Creatine

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Medi-Evil Nutrition Creatine Assault    Benefits of Creatine: Many people use creatine because their friends do, it's been recommended or by its reputation but they don't actually know much about it. Believe it or not, creatine…
savvas kyriacou personal trainer image

Sav Talks Stay-Lean

Sav Talks Stay-Lean   I've been thinking of discussing with you readers about this problem that has been around for as long as bodybuilding and that’s this stupid idea of the so-called bulking up phase that we all have done…
image of whole and sliced lemons

Mr Vio: The Therapeutic Value of Lemons!

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Therapeutic Value of Lemons By Mr Vio Multi-Skilled Alternative Medicine and Complementary Therapist   Mr Vio Therapeutic Value of Lemons: talks to Medi-Evil® Nutrition about the Therapeutic Value of Lemons We all know that many…
Savvas Kyriacou talking about whey protein image

Sav Talks Whey Protein

Sav Talks to Medi-Evil® Nutrition about Whey Protein Best Whey Protein: The word protein is derived from the Greek word proton-proteios, meaning the word first, which means “of prime importance”. The human body needs protein to build…
Medi-Evil® Nutrition-UFC Fighter Royce Gracie

UFC Fighter Royce Gracie talks to Medi-Evil® Nutrition

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UFC Fighter Royce Gracie Going down Memory Lane. UFC Fighter Royce Gracie, taken in Dubai in 2014. Before his retirement in 2011 Royce was one of the best fighters in the World. Medi-Evil® Nutrition salute Royce Gracie for his astonishing…
man and lady doing seated dumbbell-concentration-curls

The Best Bicep Exercises

The Best Bicep Exercises: Although there are different exercises for training biceps, some are better than others. A variety of movements is necessary for complete development, otherwise, this can lead to overuse, injuries, and lead to slower…
Excalibur and refill pack

Excalibur Fat Burner Facts

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Medi-Evil Excalibur. The facts about Fat Burners There are currently hundreds of different fat burner products available on the market today, the reason for this is simple there is a global obesity epidemic!. The most popular supplement categories…