Whey Dynamic Protein

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For all your training and recovery needs. Whey Dynamic Protein is the choice to support an active lifestyle. Loaded with 21g of quality protein in a delicious shake. Keep it dynamic with our whey protein. A quality blend of three sources of whey in the forms of: concentrate, hydrolysate and isolate. It contains naturally occurring branched-chain amino acids to help and support recovery. Support your training and diet regime or assist in reaching your daily protein intake in a convenient manner.
  • whey dynamic protein tub and bag

    This is a unique blend of three high quality milk proteins, whey protein sources, concentrate, hydroslate and Isolate for optimum protein absorption.

  • whey dynamic protein flavours

    Comes in 11 delicious signature flavours to choose from, all with rich creamy tastes to satisfy your taste buds.

  • whey protein for bodybuilding

    Packed with protein, low in fat, low in sugar and low in carbs. Comes with naturally occurring BCAAs to aid muscle support and recovery after a workout.