3 Fat burners but what's the difference ?

3 Fat burners but what's the difference ?

Our fat burners have many different properties making them unique to Medi Evil. 

The original Excalibur contains an easily digestible amount of caffeine and fat reducing ingredients, which have been found to be suitable for many consumers due to its smaller ingredient list. The award-winning thermogenic formula has proven its effectiveness by supressing hunger levels and providing you with a clear mind.

However, the Excalibur Pro was created for those who are more tolerant to caffeine and extracts, of which contribute to a larger surge in energy and focus. With ingredients such as Cayenne that provide a much fierier kick. So, if the original Excalibur is working for you this may become a better option as you progress.

On the other hand, Wildfire comes in smaller, easier to consume capsules with a more comprehensive range of ingredients such as Ashwagandha Extract and Ginger root to name a few. This extensive formula provides you with a different experience that both the Excalibur’s may not in terms of energy for fat loss or mental drive with its 19 natural active ingredients.

If you are new to fat loss supplements, we recommend the original Excalibur.

If you have tried the Excalibur and it works well for you, we recommend the Pro version.

Lastly, if you prefer more herbal supplements that will still give you that boost, we recommend Wildfire.

Overall, our incredibly researched fat burners are made to suit different consumers as we understand not everyone can metabolise the same ingredients or may have higher tolerances. If one fat burner does not work as well for you, we recommend trying another for optimal results. 

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