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Years roll by, and fat rolls on…Getting older and putting on the pounds


Years roll by, and fat rolls on… It’s a common excuse for piling on the pounds as you get older to say that metabolism slows down, and that in turn makes it harder to maintain a healthy weight and therefore fitness levels.
Middle aged spread is “unavoidable” – right?
Well that might not be as true as you would imagine.
There is a slowing down of metabolism as you get older, but it’s not usually substantial enough to make a difference to how much weight you are carrying.

What effects weight when we get older

One of the primary reasons people find it harder to maintain their weight as they get older is because they are less active. And the other reason may well be that they are simply less discerning about what they eat!
Let’s look at two other commonly held views – that spicy food and working out boost the metabolic rate at which we digest food.
Contrary to many myths and legends, green tea and chilli may elevate what is known as the “thermic” effect of food, but not enough to help you burn up more calories and lose weight.
Working out gives you muscle tone, strength, stamina, agility and balance. However, that too won’t have a huge effect on your metabolism. In fact, researchers believe that your brain activity can have more of an effect than other muscles!. The way your brain functions makes up around 20% of resting metabolic rate.

You are what you eat

So how can you support a good workout programme as you get older, without piling on the pounds?.
Aerobic exercise certainly needs to be slotted into your routine, but you also need to be mindful of what you eat.
The bad habits we pick up over the years may need some careful re-thinking. This includes portion size – to maintain fitness and physical appearance.
Protein rich foods need to be high on the shopping list.
Medi-Evil Whey Fury is a great solution to supporting body repair as you get older.
This premium time release protein blend includes a digestive aid compound which can help with rapid digestion too.
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