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As a personal trainer I can’t recommend Excalibur enough, it ticks all the boxes and “it does exactly what it says on the tin” My clients are all doing well on it and as a competitive bodybuilder I’ve tried just about everything and this is the top of the game, the Rolls Royce of fatburners. I could praise it all day long but Just try it and see for yourself why this so good, it speaks for itself.

Jonny C
Absolute Gym
Gallows Corner

I would definitely recommend this product. As long as you set yourself serious goals whilst taking this you will lose weight easy as I discovered, 7lb in my first week. Reasonably priced too considering it almost lasts forever.

Helen Stephens

I first heard about Medi-Evil  on Facebook so I thought I’d give it a go. Great stuff I’m chuffed that I’ve found something that suits me so well. I often get stomach ache with this type of product but these are very easy going. They don’t give off a sudden nasty spike of energy followed by a crash, what you get is hours of steady energy it goes on and on.

They work even better if taken with tea or coffee it really gets them to kick in faster. I don’t use a pre-workout anymore as I get all the motivation that I need right here which is a bonus. There is always a lot of talk on the blogs and forums, try this and you must try that which can be confusing but there is nothing better than personal recommendation, this is talked about a lot at my Gym I’ve used it now loads of us are using it. Great stuff Guys 11 out of 10

Dave Farrell

I was amazed at how much work that went into this product it seems that they have thought of everything. I have been in the industry for years and I know a winner when I see one. The use of extracts  for extra strength, a gelatine capsule with both muslims and  vegetarians in mind, a blend of digestion aids and 100% active ingredients with no fillers etc, genius. New product of the year? It certainly is mine.

Paul Jeffreys
Vice Chairman NABBA,
Editor NABBA Magazine,
Owner of WolfWear

I was struggling to find a fat burner that was gelatin free that I could take within the confines of my religion. Excalibur is that product. I didn’t  suffer from any side effects from it and the weight is falling off of me. Highly recommendable

Mo Zubair

I purchased my first pot of this product a few weeks ago. There are still some left as the pot contains lots of capsules, and they have worked tremendously. I have combined these supplements with a healthier diet, and lost nearly 1stone of fat, whilst still building strength and muscle! I take this product before I go to the gym as a pre workout and it noticeably gives me more energy. No side effects, effective, easy and healthy. Must be tried by anyone looking to lose fat, whether it’s a small amount or loads, it will definitely help.

Bobby Szemerej

As I natural bodybuilder, Ironman contestant, competitive cyclist and personal trainer I guess I’m fusser than most people about what goes into my body. Excalibur ticks all the right boxes, who would think to make it Gelatine free and free from crap like Magnesium Stearate and Titanium Dioxide that are only there to help fill the capsule shells. Genius! To top this it have a blend of digestion aides which is something I’ve also not seen in anything else. All this and its powerful too. Pure Genius!

Gary Simpson

I used the product for 1 month and found it amazing for the sport which I am involved in ultra running. I only take one tablet a day and this gives me a zero appetite and loads of energy to train and run ultra marathons. I now take Excalibur as part of my training plan and use it during ultra marathons as well. I gave my work colleague some capsules and she claimed that they help her to reduce the amount that she smoked on a daily basis. I can’t recommend this product enough, it really is the market leader.

Chris Whistler Ultra Runner

First class service. I ordered a pack of Excalibur as I have been out of shape for many years but now I am focused on my health and fitness. I emailed to find out where my order was and they tracked in moments, it turned out that a neighbour had signed for it. I was surprised to be offered expert advice to help me with both my diet and my training and found that the staff were so friendly and helpful.
I was provided with an excellent cardio workout to assist me with my goals along with a great diet plan, I have only recently started and I have 4 stone to lose but I lost a stone in 3 weeks which is very encouraging.

Your staff sound like they experts in this field and it was nice that they went that extra mile for me. I am now at the stage where I am eating well and training with MMA fighters to assist in reaching my target, Once I hit my target weight I plan to have a one off fight in the cage as a kind of weird reward to myself to prove I can be fit and fight at 40 years old. Thanks again, ten out of ten for service.

Jamie Hutley Rawlins

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