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Tony Reveglia

Expertise: Bodybuilding
Location: Bedford
Height: 173cm
Off season: 88kg. Show day: 73kg & climbing each year.
Background: I started by getting in shape to play American Football, which I did for 10 years with the Cambridgeshire Cats. I was also invited to Miami and Texas to play minor league all-star games. Bodybuilding was something I was always interested in so in 2015 I felt it was time to try something new and finally compete. I entered a couple of shows and decided I liked being on that stage and needed to find where I fitted in. I Spoke to a friend who is a Coach and very established bodybuilder himself, (Luke Nichols – Corpus Conditioning) he saw my potential and wanted to work with me also. We decide I fitted the Physique/Fitness style more and plans were made for 2016.
3rd PCA/WBF Welsh - April 16 (PCA Qualifier).
1st Mr Apollo Beach Body - May 16 (Independent show by Bodyshapers Gym, Kettering).
PCA Men's Muscle Model Finalist - June 16 (British Finals).
1st Men's Physique & Overall Men's fitness - July 16 (WABBA Amateur Grand Prix).
3rd Men’s Fitness – November 16 (WABBA Mr & Mrs Universe).
2016:2016 was a great year competing and is going to be a tough year to beat.
I like to challenge myself so follow me on my journey in 2017 to see where it takes me.

Other interests: Weight training, watching sport, eating good food.
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