The importance of pre workout

Nutrition is a vital component during your workout. It’s also important to eat and drink correctly before, during and after your workout. Therefore, we’re going to discuss the importance of pre workout nutrition:


When you work out you need fuel, and carbohydrate is an excellent fuel to ‘top up’ on prior to your workout. The carbohydrates that you consume pre workout will be used to power you through your exercise regime, and will also help to restore much needed glycogen levels in the body. The amount of carbs you consume is important, as you do not want them to be stored as fat, so only consume what you need. Ideally, carbs such as oats, bananas and rice, should be consumed one hour before working out.


Whey protein should be consumed before every workout to ensure optimum results. The reason for this is because of the BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) that are in such proteins. These are responsible for increasing muscle growth and strength, with the added benefit of reducing workout fatigue. Ingesting whey protein prior to your workout will also increase your energy levels post workout.

Creatine supplements

When your aim is to build muscle and gain strength, you need a creatine supplement prior to every workout. Creatinine is responsible for the production of ATP (Aadenosine Triphosphate). This is responsible for the production of muscle contractions and increased energy levels within the body. When lifting weights your body will utilise creatine phosphate for energy, to push you through the workout. You will be able to lift heavier weights and train for much longer. Creatinine also has the added effect of making muscles appear ‘bigger’.

Beta Alanine

Many weightlifters and those individuals wishing to build up muscle mass take beta alanine supplements before they work out. The importance of doing so is in the fact that it increases the levels of carnosine in the muscle, which in turn helps the body to conserve much needed energy while you are exercising. Ideally, 800mg is the recommended amount that should be taken before you work out.