Savvas Kyriacou with Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman in Muscleworks Gym

Sav Talks: Muscleworks Gym

Muscleworks Gym, home to many of the UK’s top bodybuilders was founded by me, Savvas Kyriacou in 1988 when I was competing as a bodybuilder. I set out on a mission to create the ultimate training environment for myself which rapidly became famous for forging some of the most impressive physiques the country has ever seen. At one time or other, most of Britain’s top bodybuilders have trained at Muscleworks Gym at some point in their careers.  Take one of the greats bodybuilders Brian Buchanan Mr Universe and Pro Mr Universe as just one example plus just about every top bodybuilder in the world that ever visited the UK over the past 30 odd years headed to Muscleworks before going home. (come and see our all-time greats visitors photo board).

Brian Buchanan Pro Mr Universe 1995

I had to sell my dream car – a De-Tomasso Pantera – so that I could buy more equipment for the gym when I bought my first gym. I was heartbroken at the time but the success of the gym and our members is the most important thing to me and I’ve been able to own several dream cars since. I have always had the philosophy that you should neither chase success or money but to follow your passion. If you do something from the heart the success and money will follow you. 


My original Muscleworks Gym in Bethnal Green covered over 8,000 sq ft and had over 2,000 active members including professional bodybuilders, hardcore weight trainers, and fitness enthusiasts. I moved to slightly larger premises 2 years ago in Vallance Road, Bethnal Green that has better parking facilities and a long term lease to secure our future.  As a child, I frequently visited the cinema with a fondness for films featuring bodybuilder and actor Steve Reeves, however, it wasn’t until I reached 21 that I began training as a bodybuilder.

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It was 1992 that I won my first bodybuilding competition, Southeast Britain Bodybuilding Champion, and I was nominated as a finalist in the British Championship in the under 80 kg weight class. In 1996 I was barred from the EFBB (European Federation of Bodybuilders – now the UKBFF) for 2 years and instead competed back home in Cyprus for a couple of years. Back in those days you if you competed and in some cases were seen at a NABBA show would get you barred and sadly little has changed.

I won the Cyprus Grand Prix in 1996 and 1997, but I wasn’t allowed to compete internationally since he was no longer residing there. I retired from professional bodybuilding in 1998 to focus on my own gyms and to provide training. In 2010 more than 50% of the UKBFF men’s champions reportedly trained at my Muscleworks Gym.

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I have personally coached 1000’s of athletes in my long career at Muscleworks Gym and helped countless professional bodybuilders right up to men such as 8 time Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman. My knowledge of bodybuilding combined with my dedication, intellect, and passion create results that speak for themselves. Without being modest I’m considered to be one of the best in the business.

Savvas Kyriacou with Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman in Muscleworks Gym

Savvas Kyriacou with Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman in Muscleworks Gym

I am proud to be able to say that half the champions from the British Finals came from Muscleworks, my Gym is home to many top bodybuilders, athletes, and celebrities across the world. I am also pleased to announce the after extensive trials Medi-Evil Nutrition will be available at my gym after the lockdown. I have used their products much time in the past but sadly they disappeared for a while. The founder Lee Paterson is back out of retirement and the brand is now flying. I always called them makers of intelligent sports nutrition products because Lee never missed a trick when formulating a new product, they are indeed very well-thought-out high-quality products. MediEvil Nutrition has the slogan “Fuel of the Champions” for a good reason.

Medi-Evil® Nutrition-Excalibur-90+30-free-caps The Strongest Fat Burner

Take their Excalibur fat burners, for example, their capsule is a 000 size so it contains 40% more ingredients than its rivals.  Companies like Grenade use filling and packing agents such as titanium dioxide and magnesium stearate to smooth load and speed up the manufacturing time as save money. Excalibur takes double the time to load the capsule shells, if they ran faster it would block the machine and cause downtime so they pay twice the machine time but keep their product clean, this also means they contain 100% active ingredients which can be said of no other manufacturer. Excalibur are made with synthetic capsules rather than the industry standard gelatine shells so they are both vegetarian and vegan friendly.