savvas kyriacou talks amino acids

Sav Talks: How to choose the right Amino Acid Supplements? As we grow older, our capacity to gain weight or remain slim depends largely on our hormones. In fact, in this lies the key to our weight loss: by supplementing our bodies with certain amino acids, our systems are stimulated to produce the required fat-burning hormones, naturally and in sync with our body’s individual needs.

savvas kyriacou talks amino acids


Defining amino acids:

Amino acids are small but powerful compounds that are used to perform a variety of roles in the human body. They form the basis of proteins that cells use in performing processes like metabolism and respiration, among other things. The human body has a minimum of 20 amino acids which help in keeping us healthy and active, apart from being good supplements for weight loss or muscle-building.

Though your body can manufacture amino acids from scratch, it must get others from food or supplements. These amino acids are called Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), which limit the body from muscle-building. If you are looking to lose weight, taking a BCCA pre-workout will steer you on the right course to weight loss quickly and steadily.

How to choose the amino acid supplements that are right for you? The market is rife with fat burning supplements, but here are some of the best fat-burners for women:


This lipotropic amino acid helps metabolize fats and make them ready for use as a source of energy for the body. It is the best cleanser and fat-burner analyst. In its role as a lipotropic, it ensures that adipose tissue is destroyed. It also boosts metabolism to the extent that fat is burned really quickly. By doing this, it ensures that all fat is used for energy.


Arginine, this amino acid’s key feature is its ability for weight control as it can help the system choose fat metabolism rather than fat storage. When the body has enough access to fat reserves for energy, it doesn’t need to feed off its own lean tissue, causing lower body fat reserves and higher muscle mass.

Somatotropin (STH):

Yet another important hormone for fat-burning is Somatotropin, the growth hormone. The body produces this hormone while we sleep. It causes protein synthesis and encourages fat oxidation. This is very good for weight loss as obese people who have low volumes of this hormone are fat because it prevents any weight reduction. So, by taking supplements of this hormone, they can bring themselves up to a level where they lose weight.

Leucine and Isoleucine:

These two hormones are BCAAs that have a huge hand in manufacturing and maintaining muscle tissue that plays a big role in the manufacture and maintenance of muscle tissue. Of the two, leucine is known to prevent muscle loss when you lose fat. It also helps retain muscle lost due to the aging process. Since muscle burns more than fat, you should make every effort to ensure that you retain muscle when you exercise and diet to lose weight.

Since it is an amino acid, it is readily available in foods such as chicken, tuna, spirulina, and egg whites, apart from being available in a pre-workout fat burner for athletes and bodybuilders. It’s an essential amino acid, so your body can’t produce it on its own, though it’s quite readily available in a normal diet. Leucine is an incredibly powerful anabolic agent though, and your body uses quite a lot of it, so it’s one of the best amino acids to supplement for bodybuilders and athletes.