Fat loss

Enhanced recovery

Muscle gain
Medi-Evil ®Whey Fury™ is an ultra premium time released protein blend. Whey Fury™ has a superior protein content to aid in the body’s growth and repair. The Whey Fury™ signature blend consists of highly bio-available Hydrolysed Whey protein,Whey protein isolate,when protein concentrate, Soy isolate and milk protein concentrate. Medi-Evil® Whey Fury contains Medi-Evil patented digestive aid compound Trigesteze for rapid digestion. Whey Fury™ tastes great and mixes perfectly.
Excalibur Diet Protein is a pioneering weight loss meal replacement product. Unlike protein products designed for bodybuilding or performance gains. Medi-Evil Excalibur diet protein is a low calorie, low fat/ sugar meal replacement shake for those on a calorie controlled diet. Excalibur diet protein has only 91Kcal per 25g serving when mixed with water and 0.7g of sugar and is perfect for those partaking in a reduced calorie nutritional plan. Excalibur diet protein contains CLA, Green tea extract. L-Carnitine and a patented digestive aid compound Trigesteze®