The Healing Secrets of Honey-bees at work

Mr Vio: The Healing Secrets of Honey.

The Healing Secrets of Honey-raw honey in a bowel

Today I shall share with you details of one of the most popular healing ingredients of all time! But first. I will tell you how I got to know honey as food and medicine.

My grandmother, Elena, was a famous healer in our community in Romania.  Mostly in the 50s and 60’s, because later on the communist government didn’t allow her and other popular doctors to be active any longer, and put them in the prison for practicing so-called occult therapies. So being her first grandson, she treated me in a very special way. In my early childhood, she created games for me to play using herbs, bees, and their holy products (honey).

So, the highly prized and tasty honey was used by my grandmother for treating different illnesses and making various delicious desserts for me! It was her way to lure me and to accompany her searching bushes, hills, forests, and river banks to collect different herbs, roots, stems, leaves, and flowers. Obviously, most of the herbs were collected when the plants were blooming and the bees had visited. I remember the first sting I had was in the summer of 1964 and my swollen hand scared me and I cried! It was my mistake that I wanted to get rid of the buzzing bees in a violent way. My cautious grandmother just took out the bee sting and used some vinegar as a compress, and in few hours I forgot about the pain and swelling. The lesson I have learned so early was about respecting and appreciating those little creatures and being calm around them.

The Healing Secrets of Honey-bees at work

Here’s an extract on honey from Wikipedia:

“Bee honey was the first sweet substance used by humans, being valued especially by priests in various rituals. There is sufficient evidence that in ancient civilization honey was used among other things to prepare an alcoholic beverage to which was added pollen and yeast from honeycombs. But the oldest document relating to honey are two fragments written in the Sumerian language. Egyptians have left testimonies of how to harvest and use honey. The Babylonians and various civilizations of India and China used honey both in medicine and in rituals and ceremonies.

In the Old Testament, we find “honey” mentioned over 60 times. Much was written about honey production in ancient Greece, and Hippocrates, considered to be the “Father of Medicine”, recommended honey for the healing of diseases (gastrointestinal, renal, respiratory) and the treatment of wounds. Pedanius Dioscorides, an ancient Roman from the First Century, and the author of a 5 volume book “De Materia Medica” treated fistulated wounds by applying honey direct to the wounds. Pliney, another Roman from the same period, also indicates honey in combination with fish oils to treat infected wounds.
Muslims also used honey as a good remedy for any disease.

The use of honey as food and drink, as a preservative, in medicine, and in religious rituals was constantly growing until the discovery of cane and beet sugar.”

There is so much ground to cover with this subject so I have had to split it into 3 articles. In my next article, I shall bring you more details about the benefits of honey, how many different types of honey there are, and how I am using each one to successfully treat different diseases and applications for the skin. Honey can is one of nature’s best-kept secrets and it can be used in a variety of ways from healing wounds to the treatment and prevention of cancer.

Different Honey Types from around the World

The Healing Secrets of Honey-Honey from around the world


Mr Vio: The Healing Secrets of Honey (Powered by Medi-Evil Nutrition Blog): Thanks for reading my first article on honey. Now that the scene has been set you can find out much more about the healing properties of honey in parts 2 & 3 over the next few days. healing secrets of honey-vio showing honey


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