the healing secrets of honey-Aboriginal-Ngooka-honey-aims-for-premium-positioning-due-to-health-benefits


the healing secrets of honey--Aboriginal-Ngooka-honey-aims-for-premium-positioning-due-to-health-benefits


Mr Vio: The Healing Secrets of Honey pt2: Dear readers, today I shall continue to discuss honey in more in-depth, details about the most sacred ingredient of our life as food, an element of rituals in many cultures, and as a healing ingredient among my complex therapies in order to restore the balance of metabolisms (biochemical reaction) in people’s bodies. Therefore, according to the health issues of the clients, I am recommending to my client’s different types of honey in order to restore balance and normality.

Perhaps you know that the honey contains many types of vitamins (B’s, C, H, P ), glucose, fructose, enzymes, amino acids, minerals, and oligo-elements (trace elements), (Ca, Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn, Ph, K=Kalium / Potassium, Na, Zn) and that helps the body to recover and maintain a good level of health!the healing secrets of honey-looking inside vio's honey cupboard

I often use the holy honey in combination with other natural elements (such as snake or bee venom, or different macerates of honey with exotic herbs, seeds, plants or roots) to relieve different types of pain (caused by sciatic nerves, joint degradation – including vertebral column rheumatism or by injuries – open or closed wounds) for accelerating the healing process. Please see two interesting links discussing the uses of venoms for healing Here and Here.

With most of my treatments recommended to my clients, I include different types of honey depending on the specific health issues. It’s well known that all types of honey have a certain composition of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, oligo-elements etc. Each honey has individual properties that can be applied to the skin or ingested for the purpose of healing. The honey types vary so much because the bees collect pollen from different plants from around the world (for more detail please click on my links). To find out about the bees life cycle see Here.The Healing Secrets of Honey. Bee at work collecting pollen

Despite the fact that the honey is a great source of energy, here are a few of the diseases that can be cured by the honey itself or in combination with other bee’s products (propolis, pollen, honeycomb, wax, larvae – for male enhancement!) and herbs, seeds, roots, hydroalcoholic extracts, etc.

For a few of these diseases, I am using the honey and its variants: digestive system, weight loss, nervous system, osteoarticular system, fortifying the skeleton and muscular systems, diabetes, hepatitis, neuronal, restoring memory, and much more…

I hope that this information about honey will enlighten you (see proverb of the day), and in particular about the way I use this golden, holy natural product I use in my complex remedies.

Dear readers, respect nature and respect the bees, for a better future for generations to come and to protect our beautiful planet Earth.

Please look out for the final part in which I shall discuss the different honey types from around the world and their healing properties. Also, check out the Medi-Evil Nutrition Blog for other interesting articles from Sav (from the famous Musculeworks Gym) Plus the brand owner Lee Paterson.


Mr Vio: The Healing Secrets of Honey pt2: Fine honey from around the world each with its own special healing properties

the healing secrets of honey-mr vio showing off his honey


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