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Mr Vio: Introducing Complementary Therapies

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Mr Vio: Introducing Complementary Therapies. As the founder and Managing Director of BKS Ltd; the makers of Medi-Evil Nutrition products, I’d like to introduce you to Viorel Ursu (Mr Vio) of the Magic Hands complementary therapy clinic based in Chadwell Heath, Essex.

Ten years ago I planned to make a big comeback into bodybuilding in the over 50’s Master Class. I was being coached by ex-professional bodybuilder Patrick Nicholls, Pat had a long successful career and peaked at 3rd place in the Olympia masters to Sonny Schmidt and Robbie Robinson.

Robby Robinson bodybuilderSonny Schmidt Bodybuilder

The plan was to qualify at the NABBA South East and go on to win the NABBA Britain. I was being pushed extremely hard and I was using, how I can say, “alternative supplements” as does everyone unless you’re in a natural federation. During this time I had a “funny turn”, it may have been a case of pushing myself too hard and I ended up with several trips to my GP Surgery.

As with most doctors, they simply refer to their BNF book and subscribe a course of tablets. After several trips to my GP and trying several different prescriptions I was still in a bad place and that was when I was introduced to Mr Vio and my life changed dramatically.

I undertook a course of Reflexology along with drinking 2 litres of herbal tea every day. I was completely detoxed within a month. I felt years younger, my aliments had gone as had the anxiety that I was suffering on top of my physical problems. I felt like I had a new lease of life which is very hard to explain but not only had Mr Vio fixed what the NHS couldn’t, but I no longer needed any of my long-term medication, it all went in the bin.

What many people don’t realise is the pills and poisons that your GP subscribes only treat the symptoms and not the cause of the problem so with many conditions you can end up on tablets for life. These drugs can reduce your pain and help with reducing the symptoms but the problems in many cases never go away.

I haven’t had treatment for a number of years whereas in an ideal world I should have had some maintenance sessions but as I’d moved away and business was taking up far too much time than I should allow I ended up with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which was controlled by medication. It was convenient I guess.

Over the past year, things have become unbearable, I had several tests which included cameras in places that I’d rather not mention lol. The result is after many chops and changes I’m left taking 5 different prescriptions and I feel like I’m on my last legs if I’m honest. Most consultants and GP’S laugh when you mention complementary therapies I would guess it’s mainly to do with the training and environment after all that’s all they provide and it’s a threat to their livelihoods and the only solution other than surgery is drugs. While doctors working for the NHS as very dismissive complementary therapies, interestingly BUPA offers them and they are very successful with them so you can have good alternative treatment but if your willing to pay.

This weekend I hooked up with Mr Vio, we had a chat, and after he gave me a foot reading (part of Reflexology) All I mentioned to him was that I had gut problems, deliberately not going into detail to see what his take was on my condition. His diagnosis was deadly accurate.  It may be a long way for me to travel each week, and it may well be inconvenient but then so is constantly trotting off to my GP and feeling like crap. My performance at work will almost certainly be affected and being unwell can make you grumpy and irritable. I am about to start on a 12-week course of treatment with herbal teas and other complementary medicines so I can once again fix the problems and ditch my prescriptions. I shall keep you posted on my progress.

I shall now hand you over to Mr Vio who will be writing about Complementary Therapies and Treatments etc. Please read and learn as one day these will almost certainly help you. They say that the average person over the age of 50 is on 5 prescription drugs but this is senseless and needless.

Best Regards

Lee Paterson

Managing Director

Medi-Evil Nutrition


DEAR READERS, I would like to detail my way of treating clients.

First of all, I have to inform you that I come from a family where my grandmother (mother line) was a famous healer in the early ’60s in our area (I specify that I come from Romania). She was very good at picking and using herbs as well as healing massage. She also used Sacrotherapy (therapy with and through prayer) a lot !!! see the video here  I grew up with her more than at home with my parents. Both Grandma and I were gifted with BIOENERGY.

The therapies that I practice with a lot of honour and dedication are the following:

PLANTAR REFLEXOLOGY (Reading Feet and treatment) First of all, I have to inform you that the way I am practicing it, is an old, ancient Oriental Therapeutic art of healing that is efficient! Of course, it does not compare to modern Western Reflexology, which is more focused on relaxation than healing.

Depending on the client’s needs, I also use elements of PALM and EAR Reflexology, SHIATSU elements when needed, as well as ACUPRESSURE elements where needed.

palm reflexology chart

Local, zonal or whole body HEALING MASSAGE where I use with success the above-mentioned therapies plus AROMATHERAPY with very rare and precious OILS and CREAM/GEL/VASELINE (all with high therapeutic value).

Another healing art I use is PERCUSSION on the SPINAL APOPHYSES OF THE SPINE. An Ancient Art of Healing almost lost, but still practiced today by very few healers, unfortunately.

healing with the hands demonstration

FACIAL HEALING MASSAGE with many elements of Ear Reflexology, Acupressure, Shiatsu, and the most refined oils-depending on the client’s needs.

facial healing massage demonstration

COLOURED CRYSTAL therapy on the Main Chakras of the human body. See the meaning of the Stones and Crystals here.

Main Chakras chart


Himalayan Hot Salt Stone therapy applied to certain meridians or critical points of the human body.

PHYTOTHERAPY  with all its branches (tinctures, gemmotherapy, herbal tea for drink and bath, naturist supplements )  I apply it intensely in parallel with the other therapies presented above.

plant-derived medications

FOOT SPA DETOX at the beginning of each session.


Now, I shall talk about how to apply the therapies mentioned above.

Usually, when someone needs a complex treatment, I will do it only after a REFLEXOLOGY READING FEET and according to the health issues of some organs or systems, we apply the therapies mentioned above. Of course, the greatest possible success also requires the contribution/involvement and determination of the client.

I use FENG SHUY of the body and NUMEROLOGY regularly (click on the links for details).

VISUALISATION is also part of the treatment.

creative-visualisation girl in thought

BIOENERGETICALLY  PASSES are used for those who have complex treatment at the end of each session.
Hoping that I have enlightened you about me and my therapies, I bless you all with Peace, Faith, Love, and Harmony !!!


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P.S. The booking will start at the begging of April because THE RE-OPENING will be on 12-th April 2021 (hopefully there will not be another…surprise regarding lockdown).