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Mr Vio: Foot Reflexology. Today I would like to introduce you to the ancient practice of foot reflexology which I practice with much efficiency.

Today, reflexology is used mostly by western neurologists, and I shall say there is nothing wrong with that, but the foot map I use to treat people is slightly different. Since 1996 I am seriously in the field of healing, and it gives me results always! I must mention that the technique and pressure I apply during the treatment is a bit…firm-ish!  I use some knowledge of Kabbala (numerology, more precisely) regarding healing.

Moreover, I wonder how it is that The Map of Foot Reflexology was good during the first 6,000 – 8,000 years, but in the last half-century or so we, modern people, feel we need to make modifications to the reflexology map? Just think; the way the ancient people got information regarding reflexology was by meditating, praying, or by dreaming – so, direct from the source! (Watch this video demonstration, 5 basic foot reflexology techniques).

Mr Vio foot reflexology

Yes, it might sound weird, but all the small details which most reflexologists ignore, can make the difference. I am talking for example about the orientation of the massage table where the client is laying, the direction in which you rotate around the client, the way I begin and end the treatment (Sacral Therapy), and other details.

Mr Vio foot reflexology close-up


Anyway, all those insignificant details in the eyes of some (actually most) reflexologists help the energetical flow of Feng Shui which balances the body and mind as part of the holistic therapy. I must mention that in parallel with reflexology, my clients will enjoy other therapies such as herbal tea for daily drinking and bathing, healing massage, aromatherapy, and much more.

Because Reflexology is such a huge and broad subject I shall go into much more detail in stages over the coming months along with many more healing techniques. I will also discuss holistic therapies and nutrition.

Should you have health problems and the NHS treatments and prescriptions aren’t working then why not try the alternative, ancient healing practices from the east.  My practice is in Chadwell Heath which is near Romford in Essex, visit my website here.

All my readers are blessed with peace in your mind, soul and environment, society, and wisdom!

Yours, Mr. VIOMagic Hands


I started having treatment with Mr Vio 3 weeks ago after having various tests and treatment with the NHS over a 6 month period. I binned all 5 of my prescriptions after my first session of reflexology and to be honest I never felt any different so they were obviously not helping. Vio told me stuff about my health that only a doctor that had read my case notes would know, he got this knowledge from reading my feet.

You see every part of the foot relates to an organ in your body so you feel a lot of pain while receiving reflexology but only in the areas where your health problems lie. He knew my cholesterol was very high and my blood was dirty as my spleen wasn’t working well. I had surgery on my back twice over the past 3 years to have sebaceous cysts removed, this was due to high toxins due to my spleen function. Vio told me that my pancreas was at its limit, well I’ve had blood tests recently and I was warned that I’m just 1 mark below the score for type 2 diabetes. Vio also told me a few personal things that I can’t share with you so the question is how can he possibly know this? For anyone that thinks that reflexology is hocus pocus then think again, all your problems can be seen via your feet and they can be healed via your feet.  The treatment is very painful at the start but it does get easier with each session until your feet become ticklish to the touch at that point its job done. That was my experience when Vio sort out my health problems 10 years ago, right now I’m still at the painful stage but I will report my progress in Mr Vio’s next reflexology article in a couple of weeks time.

Lee Paterson

Managing Director of Medi-Evil Nutrition