Muscle Mass Stack

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Muscle Mass Stack
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Muscle Mass Stack Includes:
 2 x Colossus Advanced Mass Gainer
 1 x L-Glutamine Powder 300g
 1 x Berserker V2 Amino
 1 x Warfare Pre workout
 1 x Medi-Evil Nutrition Shaker

The Medi-Evil Nutrition Muscle Mass Stack delivers the best quality and value for money this bulking season. Included in this amazing is offer is some of the finest muscle building and training based products available. The Muscle Mass Stack includes two bags of Medi-Evil Nutrition Colossus; A high performance Mass gainer, L-Glutamine powder and the newly released pre workout and Intra workout Warfare and Berserker V2 Amino.

Who can use the Muscle Mass Stack?
Anyone wanting to add serious mass to their physique should be adding the Muscle Mass stack to their arsenal this bulking season. The products featured in the Muscle Mass Stack are of professional quality and yet or even suitable for novice athletes. The high calorie and high performance nature of the products included in the Muscle Mass Stack will help you pack on more size and strength than ever before. All the products included in the Muscle Mass stack are suitable for drug-tested athletes and military personnel.

Colossus 5kg
Medi-Evil Nutrition Colossus is a high quality and high performance Mass gainer for the athlete looking to pack on size fast. With 950Kcal per 250g serving Colossus will deliver the extra calories you’ll need to grow. Colossus contains a blend of time released Proteins and Carbohydrates to fuel the body for longer. With Proteins sourced from Whey Protein Isolate and Hydrolysed whey Protein, and Carbohydrate sources from Oats and Flax seed, you can have peace of mind that the extra calories you're getting are of the highest standard.

Berserker V2 Amino
The Berserker V2 Amino Intra workout is a state of the art BCAA and performance micronutrient drink designed to fuel your workout or to be used during the day to keep you hydrated and ready to perform. The ingredient profile in Berserker V2 can improve nutrient delivery as well as blood flow to aid in recovery and prevent muscle soreness after intense workouts.

Warfare – Advanced pre workout
Medi-Evil nutrition Warfare is an advanced performance pre-workout product designed to complement any programme to improve strength, recovery and muscle size. Warfare can be used at the same time as Berserker V2 to increase athletic performance, recovery and nutrient delivery.

L-Glutamine 300g
L-Glutamine is an essential supplement for any person or athlete whose aim is to improve performance, boost immune function or build muscle tissue. L-Glutamine is a major component of muscle tissue as well as an amino acid commonly associated with immune support and recovery.


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