MediEvil Berserker the Worlds first intelligent pre-workout


berserker-amino-v2-300g-very-berryMediEvil Berserker is the World’s first intelligent pre-workout, it was specially formulated to cover every aspect of your performance including your recovery. Unlike most other pre-workouts it will enhance your performance to levels that you are unlikely to have experienced, all this and no nasty jitters followed by a equally nasty  crash.

MediEvil Berserker pre-workout is here to revolutionise the way you train with Strength, Endurance, Pump, Mental focus and performance in mind. Instead of focusing solely on stimulant strength like the typical pre-workout with excessive amounts of Caffeine, we have created a product to vastly improve the physical and mental environment within the body to allow for maximal training, as well as reducing recovery time.

Medi-Evil Berserker contains one of the largest profiles of high quality active ingredients in a product of its kind, 17 in total and it contains many innovative ingredients such as Vinitrox™, Beetroot Extract, Glycerol Monostearate, Citrulline Malate,  Panax Ginseng and Bioperine to name just a few which gives a noticeable pump and increased vascularity. Essential BCAA’s within the formula improve energy and recovery, and contains real fruit flavours.

Medi-Evil Berserker was designed for the more serious trainer that wants to enhance his or her training sessions, this is possible with the use of the aforementioned blend of quality ingredients. They will experience lasting performance and will remain fully hydrated due to the use of GMS and that is why Medi-Evil Berserker is a favourite will marathon runners and endurance cyclists, the smash previous performance records while never feeling tired. Every athlete that was involved  in the clinical trials of  Medi-Evil Berserker experienced razor sharp mental focus without the uneasy jittery feeling previously experienced with other leading brands, and commented on not having the usual nasty crash and nausea after you finish training.

Now you may appreciate why this pre-work is unlike any other product of it’s kind and why MediEvil Berserker Pre-Workout is the Worlds first intelligent pre-workout.

Medi-Evil Berserker offers fantastic value as you get a massive 50 servings and is now available for purchase HERE in both Blood Orange and Wild Berry favours. Alternatively you will find that all leading stockists endorse and sell our products including Holland and Barratt and GNC, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for EXCLUSIVE regular special offers.