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Medi-Evil Nutrition Buy One Get Two Free: Just a few words to let you know that Medi-Evil Nutrition are having a mega sale and with prices like these there really is no need to wait for Black Friday!


Due to the over stocking situation arising from 3 Covid lockdowns which as you know saw gyms and shops closed for several months has now left us with an unusually high level of stock. We were about to move into a new storage and fulfilment facility only for it to fall through at the last minute again down to Covid.

We have decided to clear some stock to make some room at our temporary accommodation at prices that you are never likely to see again. Over the next few weeks not only will we be having a buy one get one free offers but we have gone much further by having a buy one get two free offers.

Medi-Evil® Nutrition-2020-product lineup

So if buy one get one free isnt enough the try our buy one get two free special offers, several of these unbelievable offers also come with free t-shirts and free shakers plus you have the additional benefit of receiving free shipping.

I think you must agree that these offers can’t be beaten so why wait for Black Friday to grab a bargain when you will never beat these offers that are on today!

One line the offers will be Buy One Get One Free but we will have weekly newsletter and social media posts with a code to upgrade the offer from One to Two Free products. Eg Our first offer with Excalibur 50 caps, buy with the Buy One Get One Free Offer then email me with the code: B1G2F to, I will send you a third pot free.

Our Excalibur fat burners are of course on sale at Holland and Barrett but only in the 50 capsule size which are £23.99 each. Buying dirctly from us the same capsules will cost you just £9.99 each when you buy 3.

Please Note: These offers are only avaliable to our blog readers. If you would like to buy a product with our buy one get two free special offer the please email me direct with the code B1G2F ( so I can arrange this amazing deal for you.

You will still receive free shakers where the offer applies but you will have to pay full RRP as the price for these products online are already set with a 25% discount so only one offer can apply to each order at a time.

Eg Excalibur 50 caps RRP £29.99 for 1 pot plus 2 pots free = just £9.99 each.

Excalibur 90 caps (free 30 cap refill pouch) RRP £49.99 for 1 box plus 2 boxes free = just £16.66 each.

    Warfare 250g RRP £39.99 for 1 pot plus 2 pots free = just £13.33 each

The buy 1 get 2 free offer applies to Excalibur (90 and 50)  and Warfare Only



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