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Best Mass Gainer

Medi-Evil Nutrition Colossus Mass Gainer   Best Mass Gainer: There are so many mass gainers on the market so it can be confusing when it comes to choosing one. It makes me cringe when people say "I just love the flavour" like it's…

Best Whey Protein

Medi-Evil Nutrition Whey Fury Protein Matrix     Best Whey Protein: Having been a competitive bodybuilder back in the 80's and the owner of a successful sports nutrition company for many years I would say that one of the most…

Sav Talks Stay-Lean

Sav Talks Stay-Lean   I've been thinking of discussing with you readers about this problem that has been around for as long as bodybuilding and that’s this stupid idea of the so-called bulking up phase that we all have done…
Kirsty Smith Fitness Trainer Bodybuilder

Best Fat Burner For Women

Best Fat Burner For Women     We believe that the Medi-Evil  Excalibur fat burner is not just for men but it is a great fat burner for women too. The Medi-Evil Excalibur fat burner is especially good for women because…

Mr Vio: The Therapeutic Value of Lemons!

Therapeutic Value of Lemons By Mr Vio Multi-Skilled Alternative Medicine and Complementary Therapist   Mr Vio Therapeutic Value of Lemons: talks to Medi-Evil® Nutrition about the Therapeutic Value of Lemons We all know that many…

Sav Talks Whey Protein

Sav Talks to Medi-Evil® Nutrition about Whey Protein Best Whey Protein: The word protein is derived from the Greek word proton-proteios, meaning the word first, which means “of prime importance”. The human body needs protein to build…
Medi-Evil® Nutrition-UFC Fighter Royce Gracie

UFC Fighter Royce Gracie talks to Medi-Evil® Nutrition

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UFC Fighter Royce Gracie Going down Memory Lane. UFC Fighter Royce Gracie, taken in Dubai in 2014. Before his retirement in 2011 Royce was one of the best fighters in the World. Medi-Evil® Nutrition salute Royce Gracie for his astonishing…

Strongest Fat Burner

Strongest Fat Burner:We believe that Medi-Evil Nutrition Excalibur is not only the strongest fatburner but the most powerful and effective Metabolic stimulator on the market. When you are considering a weight loss or physique control aid for…

The Best Bicep Exercises

The Best Bicep Exercises: Although there are different exercises for training biceps, some are better than others. A variety of movements is necessary for complete development, otherwise, this can lead to overuse, injuries, and lead to slower…