Medi-evil Excalibur : The best fat burner for men AND women


The best fat burner for men and women is unlike many sports nutrition products, which are usually formulated for either men or women due to their differing calorie requirements. Fat Burners are a universal product that will ultimately suit both sexes. Therefore there is no ‘Best Fat Burner for Men’ or ‘Best Fat burner for Women’ and so the only thing to consider is the dosages required for either sex where men are usually prescribed a higher dose due to having a generally higher body weight on average.

Medi-Evil Excalibur is formulated so as to give the highest possible dosage of active ingredients and is simplified for the user by offering either a single or double capsule dose depending on the speed at which the user will want to see results or how powerful the effects may be on the user.

Unlike Cheap Fat burners Excalibur contains the highest quality ingredients and at extract strength, which are combined for the best results possible. With Medi-Evil Excalibur and as with all Medi-Evil’s products no preservatives, packing agents or fillers have been used and are made to cater for athletes or users who rely on having safe and drug free products for their sports or careers.

Many consumers go for the ‘Strongest Fat burner’, which are not necessarily the best fat burner as they often they contain dangerous levels of stimulants and do not have the fat burning effects from a correctly formulated product. Strong Fat burners are normally illegal and dangerous often coming from countries such as the United States or China where there is very little regulation or scrutiny over the sourcing or application of the ingredients. These potentially harmful products should not be confused with of Fat Burners that are manufactured under strict GMP (good manufacturing practice).

Medi-Evil Excalibur Fat Burners are made under GMP and while other safe fat burners are manufactured under ISO 9001 GMP is actuality 3 accreditations higher and they have been subject to additional batch screen testing.