Fat Loss Stack

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Fat Loss Stack
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Fat Loss Stack Contains:
 1 x Diet Whey+
 1 x Excalibur 90 cap
 1 x CLA 90 softgel caps
 1 x Medi-Evil nutrition shaker

The Exclusive Medi-Evil Nutrition Fat Loss stack contains the flagship products Diet Whey+ and the award winning Excalibur fat burner, alongside the ultra high quality CLA softgel caps to help you achieve your fat burning or lean physique goals. The combination of products in the Fat Loss stack has been proven to work time and time again and is a firm favourite of our weight loss Athlete Ambassador Gemma Oliver, who lost over 20 stone to become a stage physique competitor and winner. Check out the individual product pages and Gemma’s blogs (From Fat to Fantasy) for more information and inspiration.

Diet Whey+
Diet Whey+ is one of the best Diet Protein products currently available, with one of the highest protein contents (73%) compared to competitor products. With a multi-source blend of time release proteins and metabolic boosting micro ingredients you can accelerate the speed at which you achieve your goals. Diet Whey+ comes in a variety of great flavours and mixes perfectly in the exclusive Medi-Evil Nutrition shaker bottle. With only 91Kcal per 25g serving when mixed with water and only 0.7g of sugar it is perfect as a lean low calorie post-workout shake or meal replacement.

Excalibur 90 cap
The HFM magazine award winning Excalibur fat burner is one of the UK’s best selling fat burners and certainly one of the most innovative. The Excalibur fat burner includes hunger suppressing ingredients as well as nootropic Tyrosine, which improves mood and lowers cortisol levels when dieting. Excalibur is often considered the most effective and strongest legal fat burner available in the UK and incredible value with 45-90 days use per pot. Excalibur also includes the Medi-Evil Nutrition patented digestive aid compound Trigesteze®.

Medi-Evil Nutrition CLA
CLA or Congugated Linoleic acid is an Omega 6 fatty acid that is one of two essential fatty acids that cannot be made by the body and can only be present from diet. CLA has been shown to help improve immune function and increase metabolism. Medi-Evil Nutrition CLA is sourced from natural Safflower Oil and can aid in maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol.
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