drinking halal friendly whey protein

drinking halal friendly whey protein

Halal-Friendly Whey Protein: Here at Medi-Evil Nutrition we value all of our customers and try to meet the nutritional needs of a wide range of consumers rather than concentrating on the mainstream. During my time running a sports nutrition shop in London I had people that came in wanting vegetarian and vegan-friendly products and I always tried to accommodate them as best as I could but when it came to my Muslim customers it was often more tricky.

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Halal-friendly whey protein was not around then and anything in a capsule was instantly ruled out because of the capsule shells we made with Gelatine. They were very nice about it as it was what it was but I was unhappy about this situation so much so I started my own sports nutrition brand called Medi-Evil Nutrition. I set out to change the sports nutrition industry as I felt that too many people were being overlooked and left out so I soon set about change. Our products were soon dubbed “Intelligent Products” because the formulations were well thought out.

Take Our Excalibur fat burners for just one example, these are made with a 000 size gelatine-free capsule so they are both vegetarian and vegan friendly but most importantly they can be used by our Muslim community. The 000 size is 40% larger than the industry standard 00 so it holds around 400mg of ingredients than rival brands’ products which makes them better value for money. They cost the same as most rival brands but the dose on Excalibur is 1 or 2 capsules daily rather than 2 capsules twice or even three times daily. There are no filling or packing agents in our capsules, they are filled with 100% active ingredients.

Most brands use titanium dioxide or magnesium stearate  (grenade nutrition actually uses both) to fill the shells at the rate of 40,000 per hour while we run at almost half speed (25,000 per hour) so we can keep our product clean and not fill our customer’s body with agents that the only purpose is to save money by speeding up the manufacturing time.

We also formulated a blend of digestion enzymes to help absorb the active ingredients in Excalibur faster, which we trademarked as “Trigestize®”. We went on to win an award for the best product of the year so we quickly became known for great, safe, and well-thought-out products. We pledged that we would never build a product that excludes anyone from using it for any reason so why not try our products today and see what all the fuss is about. Medi-Evil Nutrition is the future of sports nutrition.

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We have recently formulated 2 excellent whey protein products, Whey Fury which was formulated using a protein matrix consisting of 5 different proteins to release its proteins in stages rather than in one big hit and leave the user un-nourished for several hours. Our weight gainer, Colossus,  again was well thought out with both a protein matrix and a carbohydrate matrix. The proteins that we use are of course vegetarian, vegan, and halal-friendly.

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Medi-Evil Nutrition Whey Fury, to find out the full nutrition details or to purchase this product click here