Great fat burning tips, to keep you on track this new year!

Fat loss is the goal of many people looking to lose weight to improve their overall health and tone up their physique to boost their self-esteem. With so much advice online and offline about how to burn fat fast, it can feel overwhelming to know which route is best for you and where to start. Burning fat should be a long-term health priority, as gaining and maintaining excess fat on your body can lead to long-term complex health issues, including heart disease, diabetes and in extreme cases obesity. To find fat burning solutions that will help you to burn fat, and keep it off for the long term, read on below!

Be realistic

When it comes to your long-term weight loss goals, setting realistic goals about the amount you want to lose and the time frames you want to do it in is crucial. Using upcoming dates such as holidays, special events and birthdays can provide great motivation to burn fat and tone up, but when the summer is over, it can be tough to stay on track with your goals. Set a goal for every 2-3 months to give yourself a realistic time frame in which to cut down on calories in an effort to burn fat. Therefore, if you want to lose a certain amount of weight, say over a 6-month period, break down month by month what that equates to.

Vary your calories

By varying the amount of calories you consume each day from higher to lower amounts, you’ll be tricking your body’s metabolic rate by keeping the starvation mechanism in order and continually burn body fat. This also feeds into keeping your goals realistic and will help you reduce calories gradually so that your body is continually working to burn up fat reserves from higher calorie days.

Resistance training

Weight and resistance training such as with a resistance band or TRX bands is one of the best ways to burn body fat in a number of ways. Firstly, the more muscle your body has the quicker it will burn fat. Secondly, resistance training has been shown to continue to burn calories stored within the body up to 24 hours after your work out is complete!