Fat Burners: What are they and what to look for!

Do fat burners work?

If this has been something you were wondering about, the answer to that is yes, but only as long as you find the right ones. Fat burners are one of the most popular and certainly most searched for supplements, and they can differ greatly especially depending on which country you live in. This can make it difficult to find the best fat burner for you, or a fat burner that works. In the UK and Western Europe especially, fat burners mainly contain tried and tested herbal formulas, which are safe for use and suitable for athletes or military personnel that are subject to drug testing.

This is certainly not the case in the United States or Eastern Europe where they do not share the same enthusiasm for product safety. The United States floods Europe every year with thousands of illegal fat burners and diet pills which contain very harmful substances such as Ephedra, DNP and DMAA which have strong links to illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes and even deaths, and can appear in very high doses.

Regulations in Great Britain:

In Great Britain the supplement industry is regulated by the EU who have strict guidelines on clear labeling as well as the restriction of harmful and illegal ingredients. This is why European products globally are considered the highest quality, safest and most effective. Many US and Eastern European brand hide behind proprietary blends which give little or no clarity about the ingredient list. There has also been a huge emergence of products such as slimming teas and wraps that are marketed as a belly fat burner.

Do slimming teas work?

This unfortunately is rather a bit of a scam as body fat is lost equally from all parts of the body at any time. The slimming teas (Such as Green tea) however do provide an excellent source of antioxidants, which can indeed increase the metabolism but are in quite low doses to be truly effective as a fat burner.

Another often asked question is what is the best fat burner for women? This is also a bit of a grey area as the best fat burners will be suitable for men and women, it would only be the dosages in comparison to body mass that will ultimately restrict the effects.

Medievil Nutrition products are engineered so as the biggest man or smallest woman will feel the many positive effects. The flagship product of the Medievil Nutrition brand is the award winning Excalibur fat burner, which is completely herbal with no packing agents, additives or fillers and is completely suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Excalibur comes in a 50 and 90 cap version, which is suitable for up to 50 or 90 days use respectively.

As well as being the most effective legal fat burner in Europe it is also the best value for money when comparing it to competitor products such as Grenade, USN and GNC fat burners that only provide 25-30 days use. Medievil Nutrition Excalibur is tried, tested and trusted by athletes and slimmers who want results fast. For this reason Excalibur is one of the worlds top fat burners.