Is whey protein vegetarian friendly

Is Whey Protein Vegetarian?

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Is Whey Protein Vegetarian?: If you're looking to find out whether Whey Protein powder is suitable for Vegans or Vegetarians then the fast answer is No for Vegans and Yes for Vegetarians. If you would like to know a bit more then read on. In…
Lee Paterson Managing Director

Medi-Evil Nutrition: Our Story So Far

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  Medi-Evil Nutrition: Our Story So Far: To know or to understand the brand is to know the man that stands behind it. My Name is Lee Paterson, I am the founder of Medi-Evil Nutrition. For those of you that don't know me one way or another,…
drinking halal friendly whey protein

Halal-Friendly Whey Protein

Halal-Friendly Whey Protein: Here at Medi-Evil Nutrition we value all of our customers and try to meet the nutritional needs of a wide range of consumers rather than concentrating on the mainstream. During my time running a sports nutrition…
sav talks pre-workout

Sav Talks: Post or Pre-Workout Protein

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  Sav Talks: Pre-Workout Protein     Question: Should I drink my protein shake pre- or post-workout? You can take in Whey Protein or amino acids pre-and post-workout, but if you had to pick one time, we'd say pre-workout. Post-workout…
measured scoops of best protein powder whey isolate

Best Whey Protein

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Medi-Evil Nutrition Whey Fury Protein Matrix     Best Whey Protein: Having been a competitive bodybuilder back in the 80's and the owner of a successful sports nutrition company for many years I would say that one of the most…
whey protein different types diagram

Best Whey Protein: Know Your Protein Part 2

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Best Whey Protein: Know Your Protein Part 2   Below is a typical listing of ingredients that crop up on your pot of whey protein. It will quickly become apparent to you that seeing ingredients such as whey isolate or hydrolysed whey…
a glass of best whey protein ready to drink

Best Whey Protein: Know Your Protein

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Best Whey Protein: Know Your Protein (Medi-Evil Nutritions buyers guide)   When buying protein what do you consider as the most important factor, the price, or perhaps the taste?  Do you even bother to check the ingredients list, or…
sav talks steroids interview

Sav Talks: Steroids

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Sav Talks: Steroids   Sav Talks: Steroids for beginners, is it worth it?. Steroid use is a topic that is often not talked about openly and many top bodybuilders will deny ever using them. Anyone considering using steroids, particularly…
Savvas Kyriacou talking about whey protein image

Sav Talks Whey Protein

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Sav Talks to Medi-Evil® Nutrition about Whey Protein Best Whey Protein: The word protein is derived from the Greek word proton-proteios, meaning the word first, which means “of prime importance”. The human body needs protein to build…