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The best fat burner for men and women

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  Medi-evil Excalibur: The best fat burner for men and women: The best fat burner for men and women is unlike many sports nutrition products, which are usually formulated for either men or women due to their differing calorie requirements.…
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Benefits of Creatine

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Medi-Evil Nutrition Creatine Assault    Benefits of Creatine: Many people use creatine because their friends do, it's been recommended or by its reputation but they don't actually know much about it. Believe it or not, creatine…
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Sav Talks Stay-Lean

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Sav Talks Stay-Lean   I've been thinking of discussing with you readers about this problem that has been around for as long as bodybuilding and that’s this stupid idea of the so-called bulking up phase that we all have done…
Medi-Evil® Nutrition-UFC Fighter Royce Gracie

UFC Fighter Royce Gracie talks to Medi-Evil Nutrition

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UFC Fighter Royce Gracie Going down Memory Lane. UFC Fighter Royce Gracie, taken in Dubai in 2014. Before his retirement in 2011 Royce was one of the best fighters in the World. Medi-Evil® Nutrition salute Royce Gracie for his astonishing…
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The Best Bicep Exercises

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The Best Bicep Exercises: Although there are different exercises for training biceps, some are better than others. A variety of movements is necessary for complete development, otherwise, this can lead to overuse, injuries, and lead to slower…
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Weight Loss and Fatburners

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Medi-Evil Nutrition Excalibur® Fat Burner: Help With Weight Loss Weight loss can often be a difficult long-term challenge. Many people try over and over to lose weight which you might call a yo-yo effect. The diet stops and starts and their…
Arnold Schwarzenegger on stage at the Arnold Sports Festival

Arnold Sports Festival UK 2021

Come and see Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Medi-Evil Nutrition Team at the Arnold Sports Festival at the NEC next year. Yes, the legendary Arnold Sports Festival is coming to the UK for the first time ever on 1st-3rd Oct 2021! Back in…