Buy One Get One Free!

Buy One Get One Free? Black Friday Deals From Medi-Evil Nutrition.

With prices set to skyrocket in the new year due to the shortages in raw materials due the covid, why not stock up and take advantage of our Black Friday deal?

Many producers, ourselves included are now part-time as we simply can’t get hold of certain, eg whey protein, sweeteners, dextrose and creatine. We have been warned that whey protein is set to rise by around 60% and dextrose by a massive 300%. all in all, the cost increases will be around 30% which will sadly see many factories close with many brands disappearing.

As with top British companies from Triumph Motorcycles, Dyson Appliances and even Myprotein, the production moved overseas to keep the costs down so more companies will follow this trend.  Many nutrition brands will move their production overseas but in this instance, it will be to survive rather than just to increase profitability.

I was both shocked and surprised to see USN products on the shelves in discount retailer Home Bargains. When I first entered manufacturing nearly 10 years ago I was told that by going down the discount retailer line you were either in financial trouble or greedy for trying to dominate every market place. I mean who would buy from Harrods if you can get it for next to nothing in the PoundShop?

MaxiMuscle did this when it changed ownership a few years ago. I had a regular customer Tell Me that my MaxiMuscle products were very expensive. We I used several wholesalers at the time, and I was paying and selling at the going rate, it turned out that he had been to HomeBargains and found Promax on sale for £10 cheaper than I could buy it in for. Well, where is this brand 8 years on? It was dropped by wholesalers and retailers alike as we’d all been priced out of selling the brand.

Well, these are indeed very challenging times and we will see some huge price increases and brand reductions in the new year.

We at Medi-Evil Nutrition and Sav Kyriacou at Muscleworks Gym will keep are prices low for as long as we can. From now until the new year we will offer our products on a Buy One Get One Free! (BOGOF)

We are also giving away a free Medi-Evil Nutrition T-Shirt and Shaker (while stocks last, first come first served)

We are pick, pack and ship free with all orders (no minimum spend)

Remember these aren’t just one off offers they are inplace until the end of the year and free shipping is forever!

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