With the weather taking a turn throughout the Winter months, for many, they are the perfect time to hit the gym hard and pack on some extra mass. Then, when it comes to cutting up next Summer, you will have more muscle to work with. However, packing on those pounds of lean muscle mass takes dedication and commitment, and here are 4 tips to help you out.

1. Focus on your macronutrient intake

To help add that mass, you will want to start eating more carbohydrates and increasing your protein intake at meal times. However, keep a focus on balancing out your diet and not consuming too much fat. Aim to diversify your sources of protein with a mixture of eggs, fish, white meat and brown meat. This will help keep your diet balanced and healthy.

Protein porridge

Make up your porridge as usual, but mix in a couple of scoops soy protein isolate powder. To really beef it up, add some roasted soy nuts and chopped dates to give your porridge an extra infusion of protein, not to mention some different textures.

2. Sort your supplement plan

You should never depend on supplements as a means to add an extra mass, but they can be extremely helpful. Look at some high-quality whey protein, mass builder and creatine. Depending on your size and goals, the amount you take will vary, but be sure to sort out a routine in advance.

3. Rest

With so much focus on hitting the gym harder and packing on extra mass, it’s easy to forget to get enough rest. Without a good 7 to 9 hours sleep each night, your body is unable to properly recover from gruelling workouts, and you'll actually be left with worse results.

4. Sort your attitude

Attitude is everything when it comes to following a gruelling workout routine. Packing on mass means focusing on all elements of your lifestyle, not to mention many hours spent putting in the time at the gym each week. Get in the right frame of mind and create a clear schedule to help you reach your goals. Your attitude will then be the only thing holding you back from hitting your potential.

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