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Medi-Evil Nutrition Whey Fury Protein Matrix



Best Whey Protein: Having been a competitive bodybuilder back in the 80’s and the owner of a successful sports nutrition company for many years I would say that one of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked is “what is the best protein on the market?”. This is a difficult question to answer as choosing a  Protein could be compared to choosing other things in life that you may need such as a car. There are many considerations involved before you buy a car and much of that would depend on its use and what you need it for. Well, choosing a protein is no different as there are so many types and uses.

Proteins come in many forms and have many uses. Let take a Whey Isolate as an example, it’s high in protein, virtually fat-free, and very low in calories. This product is great if your dieting or competing where those extra calories count but why pay well over the odds if those extra calories don’t matter a great deal or you’re a casual/occasional gym user.

If you want a slow-releasing Whey Protein you should consider buying Casein or a Whey Protein matrix. These types of proteins release over time rather than in one large hit as with other proteins. I remember before these products came along that athletes would set their alarm clocks so they could drink a protein shake in the middle of the night to help maximise their muscle repair. They would even break a couple of raw eggs into their protein shake with their normal everyday whey to help slow the delivery down. This would greatly slow the release of the whey and drip feed their bodies with protein throughout the night.

Beware of cheap whey proteins as with everything you get in life, you get what you pay for. A friend once asked me for my opinion on his recent purchase that he was so pleased with. He paid £19.99 for a 2.25kg pot with free delivery. My alarm bells rang straight away before even looking at the list of ingredients.

If you work back from £19.99, 20% is vat so that’s £4.00. The shipping would be another £6.00 so that’s £10.00 gone straight away. The people that make this product have to design and print the labels and supply a pot. The manufacturer would be looking for a 20% profit so what’s left of your £19.99 for the raw ingredients and its build cost, say £5 or £6. I can tell you now that a half-decent whey protein will cost over £20 to manufacture.

Cheap proteins are cheap for a reason, they contain cheap forms of protein such as Pea Protein, Rice Protein, Soya Protein, and Milk Protein. Have you ever experienced a protein that is thick and difficult to mix? Have you experienced stomach cramps or stomach bloating? Well, the reason for this is the manufacturer is cutting the build cost by using far too much peptide bonded glutamine. If you experience these symptoms I would avoid that product in the future and always buy after seeing the list of ingredients rather than the branding hype. It never pays to be a cheapskate as you get what you pay for or another way of looking at it, buy cheap and you get what you deserve.

While a small amount of milk or soya in a protein isn’t a bad thing as it has a role to play but large amounts are only there to keep the build cost low, and pea or rice protein – you really don’t want to see those in your protein at all. Whey Isolate, Whey Concentrate, and Hydrolyzed Whey are the things that excite me and these are high quality and very expensive ingredients.

To summarise things, the best whey protein can only ever be what suits you. As a former athlete, I needed a different whey at different times but in my day we would have to blend our own protein as we never had isolates etc 40 years ago. Off-season I would most likely go for a mass gainer while for show preparation I would use skimmed milk and eggs. These days my weapon of choice would be a decent blend for everyday use which could also be used at night. I could opt for a good concentrate for normal use and the Isolate when dieting.

Medi-Evil Nutrition Whey Fury is a Whey Matrix comprising of different proteins which include whey protein isolate, whey concentrate, and micellar casein. These high-end expensive ingredients will help repair your muscles and aid growth while gently releasing into your body in stages rather than in one big hit. Having said that it has dual use as it’s ideal to take it before going to bed which will save you from buying a night-time protein product.

So the best whey protein is not necessarily the most expensive as some pay over the odds for the branding. When I had my shop one observation was USN Diet Whey (see review), it was just 45% protein which was whey concentrate, milk, and soya. Medi-Evil’s Excalibur Diet Whey was 72% protein which consisted of whey concentrate, whey isolate, and hydrolyzed whey. This little-known product runs rings around the USN product but the USN was the best-selling diet whey at the time. The fact is when you spend most of your money on the product there is little money left for the marketing so your brand stays small. When you build something cheap you have plenty of profit and with the money comes marketing, sponsorship etc so you just keep getting bigger.

At Medi-Evil Nutrition we build the equivalent of Aston Martins rather than Dacia Sandero’s, we may stay small but we won’t compromise quality over profits. In-fact, after 8 years in business, we are yet to make a profit but our time will come once the consumers see the difference. We are a multi-award-winning company with the strongest fatburner and the most effective pre-workout namely Excalibur and Warfare. If you’ve not tried our products why not try one of our special offers