Benefits of pre-workout supplements

benefits of pre-workout supplements effective use


Benefits of Pre-Workout Supplements Medi-Evil Nutrition: I’ve been involved with bodybuilding one way or another for 40 years, whether competing, running a sports nutrition shop to running a successful sports nutrition brand which includes formulating 2 award-winning products. I’ve trained with world champion bodybuilders such as Patrick Nicholls who came 3rd in the Mr Olympia Masters back in 1995.

So having said that you may wish to trust my advice when it comes to training and nutrition advice. People may say I would say great things about my products because it’s my own brand. My answer to this is to read the labels as they never lie, what goes on the product labels is the law so all you have to do is read the labels instead of so of the top brands’ marketing hype. I’ve always said the cheaper a products is to produce the more successful it is because if you spend heavily on development and formulation then there is little money to drive the sale of that product while if it’s made using cheap ingredients brands can afford to pay top athletes to endorse their products so most people think these products are much better than they actually so seek the knowledge and get to know your stuff then you simply have to read the label so you can have an informed opinion rather than just being mugged off as so many gullible people are.

I would always use a pre-workout supplement at least 30 minutes to an hour before my workout, it is wise to think about a pre-workout snack or supplement. A pre-workout snack or protein shake is an altogether different subject so try not to mix them up. Savvas Kyriacou, professional coach, and trainer of the stars, and owner of Musclework Gym will be writing about pre-workout snacks and shakes in his regular Sav Talks article in a couple of days so you might want to keep your eye out for it. While pre-workout shakes and snacks are a great way of fueling your workout we are talking about pre-workout supplements that are formulated for energy, muscle pump, mental focus, and strength here.

The aim of pre-workout nutrition is to provide your muscles with the required energy supplies and support for your workout. It normally comprises of protein and simple carbs so that it can be easily digested and put to good work.

Energy supplies decline rapidly during exercise, pre-workout nutrition helps support your workout plan and goals. Here, we explore the benefits that pre-work supplements can do for you while pre-workout nutrition could also help with your performance and goals but once again I will say to you that Sav will tell you all you need to know about that this week.

I’m sure you’ve all tried your hardest to train while you’re not at your best or you’ve had little sleep. Better performance in the gym means more calories burned and more muscle mass gained, allowing you to reach your health and fitness goals more efficiently so try using a pre-work supplement and get a great workout whether you’re feeling up to it not not.

There are many benefits by using pre-workout supplements as these products don’t just give you a short burst of energy my many will give you improved athletic performance, mental focus, and will even speed up your recovery time. Medi-Evil Nutrition Warfare has won awards not just because it’s a well-formulated and effective product but because actual people voted for it rather just a panel of judges. It won because the actual users got better results with this product that it rivals it’s that simple.

Check out a few of the benefits of using pre-workout supplements and in particular, if you click on the links (Ingredients marked in red) you will see all the benefits of every ingredient that is used in Medi-Evil Nutrition Warfare.

  • Enhancing motivation
  • Increasing strength
  • Enhancing endurance
  • Improving blood flow to your muscles
  • Supporting hormonal health
  • Improving focus
  • Boosting energy levels
  • And much more

Benefits of pre-workout supplements

Key Ingredients in Medi-evil Nutrition Warfare and how they work:

L-ArginineArginine AKG

L-Arginine is an amino acid that has been shown to benefit the development of lean muscle tissue. L-Arginine and its derivative AAKG increases Nitric Oxide levels which have been shown to improve blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscles due to its vasodilation properties. Arginine AKG can be found in the most effective pre-workout products and is considered a must-have ingredient to enhance performance.


Beta-Alanine has been shown to increase Carnosine levels, which acts as a buffer against the build-up of Hydrogen ions, a key component of lactic acid, which leads to muscle damage, DOMS, and potential injury. Beta-Alanine is also a major component in the Warfare performance pre-workout due to its ability to delay fatigue.

Citrulline Malate

Citrulline Malate is a combination of the amino acid L-Citrulline and the salts of Malic acid and has shown to have a better bioavailability than L-Arginine and is as effective at boosting Nitric Oxide and improving vasodilation. Citrulline Malate is used predominantly by athletes to boost endurance capacity and circulation and has been linked to increased levels of growth hormone (GH) in blood tests. Citrulline Malate in small regular doses can promote relaxation of blood vessels and increase muscular pump. Its usage has been shown to be safe up to a level of 0.1g/ Kg of body weight daily and has been found to be most effective with small dosages of 1-2g several times daily. The Citrulline Malate dosage in Medi-Evil Nutrition Warfare has been formulated so as to be at a safe level for all users, especially those who also wish to stack the pre-workout product with Berserker V2 Amino for increased levels.

Beetroot Extract

Beetroot extract contains heavy concentrations of Nitrates, which improve the levels of Nitric Oxide (NO) in the blood. Nitric Oxide (NO) helps to improve Oxygen saturation of cells during intense exercise and can dramatically reduce fatigue. In fact, the red colouring of the Warfare pre-workout product is a result of the naturally sourced Beetroot extract.

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng is often referred to when used as a dietary supplement as an “Adaptogen”. It is often used to combat fatigue as a result of depression Anxiety and neurological conditions such as MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Chronic fatigue and peripheral neuralgia. Panax Ginseng has been used for many thousands of years in the Far East to boost the immune system and improve energy levels.

Niacin – Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 or Niacin is essential to optimize general health and wellbeing. Niacin has been shown to improve heart health with regard to cholesterol levels and lowers cardiovascular risks.