Arnold Schwarzenegger on stage at the Arnold Sports Festival

Come and see Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Medi-Evil Nutrition Team at the Arnold Sports Festival at the NEC next year.

Yes, the legendary Arnold Sports Festival is coming to the UK for the first time ever on 1st-3rd Oct 2021!

Back in its homeland in the USA this festival pulls in crowds of over 200,000 visitors and over 20,000 competitors in more than 80 events. Apart from Bodybuilding and Strongman competitions there will be Boxing, MMA, CrossFit, Gymnastics, Arm Wrestling and much more. This has to be the biggest celebration of Sports, Health , fitness and nutrition on the planet.

Meet your hero’s.  Along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Strongman Eddie Hall will be there. Others will be announced at a later date so watch this space!

First Arnold Sports Festival

The very first Arnold Sports Festival was held way back in 1989. It was Originally founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer who is another legend that you may not know about.

We all know about Arnie, but little or nothing about Jim. Even though he was jointly responsible for building what is now one of the biggest global sporting events. At the grand age of 92 Jim is still as active as ever, being the president of the Arnold Sports Festival, he still turns up to the office every day. He started off in the US Navy and later went on to study law. Jim worked in Intelligence for the FBI, and while studying the Russian athletic teams he formed his own team to meet them head on.  His team was successful and led to him being asked to join the Olympic committee.

Jim moved from field and track events to weightlifting. When Arnold met Jim in the early 70’s Arnold spoke to Jim about the desire to promote bodybuilding. Having won every major bodybuilding event over the next 5 years, Arnold approached Jim to promote the sport together with a vision of hold the biggest possible sporting event on several continents, and the rest is history.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on stage commentating