About Us

Medi-Evil Nutrition are one of the UK’s most innovative and exciting specialist Sports Nutrition companies. We are extremely unique in that we produce, design and source everything for our products from within the UK. With a full range of award winning and expert formulated products we will have a performance product or supplement suitable for you.

Medi-Evil Nutrition was formed in 2012 by an ex GB International athlete and ex competitive bodybuilder, and launched with the award winning Excalibur fat burner. Since the establishment and launch of Medi-Evil Nutrition, we have produced products from Diet proteins to pre-workouts, to industry leading intra workouts, which crucially are suitable for all types of athletes and safe for police, military and all other persons who are drug tested.

Our specialist range of products have taken influence from a spectrum of different sports to ensure the user has the best experience from our products and realises the true potential they are capable of. Medi-Evil Nutrition utilises a huge abundance of clinically researched ingredients, which are all completely natural and from non GMO sources making our products some of the safest available.

Why MediEvil?

Our customers choose Medi-Evil over and over again because, unlike any other sports nutrition brands who simply replicate the same chemical formulas for each product, each item in our range contains a unique chemical make-up designed to outperform all other similar products on the market. Quite simply, our customers see extraordinary, consistent results when combining Medi-Evil supplements with their workout and lifestyle.