7 benefits of pre-workout supplements

If you’re looking to take your workout to the next level then it’s time to add pre-workout supplements to your daily gym session. Containing a wide concoction of enhancing ingredients including creatine, caffeine, amino acids and selected vitamins to name but a few, pre-workout supplements are available to suit all training types and goals, you just need to find one that suits you.

Increase energy levels

Containing caffeine, creatine and other energy-enhancing ingredients, pre-workout supplements increase energy levels at any time of the day. Whether you’re heading to the gym after a long day at work or up bright and early, pre-workout supplements will act as a stimulant, helping you feel more energised.

Increase workout performance and intensity

Arguably the main benefit of pre-workout supplements is they improve performance and workout efficiency. Helping to provide more energy for longer periods of time, you’ll be able to spend longer in the gym and fit in those all-important extra reps.

Build more muscle

BCAA, which is a primary component for muscle growth, is found in most pre-workout supplements and therefore helps increase muscle growth.

Improve concentration

Sometimes hitting those PBs is down to mind over matter, and pre-workout supplements containing caffeine help maintain focus for prolonged periods of time.

Feel the pump

Not only does the pump boost confidence, it’s vital for building lean muscle mass. Pre-workout supplements increase nitric oxide production, which in turn improves muscle appearance – in fact, your muscles can look up to a third bigger.

Enhance fat loss

Weight loss is usually overlooked when it comes to pre-workout. But supplements that contain caffeine can help boost metabolism, which of course suppresses hunger. Even if you’re not trying to lose weight, it’s perfect for keeping lean.

Aid recovery

Despite taking pre-workout supplements before heading to the gym, unbeknown to many these can actually help recovery. Pre-workout supplements containing creatine monohydrate reduce muscle soreness.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder or a casual gym goer looking to improve health and fitness, there’s a pre-workout supplement for everyone.