5 great fat-burning foods you can’t afford to ignore

Most people in the middle of a weight-loss journey have gone to the trouble of educating themselves about what they should and shouldn’t put into their body.

Exercise is, of course, hugely important. Not only does it aid in weight loss and toning, it is also proven to improve mental health. However, if your diet is not up to scratch, you will not see the full benefits of all your hard work at the gym.

Here, in no particular order, are five fat-burning foods that will help you reach the next level on your weight-loss adventure.


Full of protein and also substantial enough to leave you feeling full up, chicken helps to build muscle and does a power of good for your immune system. Studies suggest that the best way to cook it is under the grill.


You might think salmon is a fatty fish, and you would be right. However, it is full to the brim of good fats, which aids in weight loss. Salmon also contains omega 3, which according to Massey University in New Zealand, aids brain function.

Green vegetables

You should have been listening to your mum when she told you to eat your greens! Quite simply, you can’t get enough green vegetables in your diet. They are the most effective fat-burning foods in your local store, plus they have countless other health benefits. A recent Harvard study backs up these claims.


Filled with antioxidants that fight illness, blueberries also make for the ideal snack (with a splodge of Greek yogurt on top) as they play a key role in the fat burning process. James Joseph of Tufts University claims that they also improve motor skills.


Okay, it’s not a food, but coffee is an amazing drink for so many reasons. Caffeine is a known fat burner, while a cup of black coffee leaves you feeling quite full, despite its low calorie count. A cup of coffee every morning is the perfect way to wake up!

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