4 indulgent ideas for a protein fix

4 indulgent ideas for a protein fix. it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when finding ways to get our daily dose of protein powder in our diets. We’ve pulled together four delicious ideas to inspire you to experiment with your favourite protein powder.


Chia pudding

If you’re over oats for breakfast, try your hand at chia pudding instead. You’ll need to prep this one overnight to give the chia seeds enough time to absorb the liquid, at which point they create an indulgently thick pudding texture. Combine one part chia seeds with six parts milk, add a scoop of protein powder, then throw in whatever tasty ingredients you like – peanut butter, cinnamon, mashed berries, vanilla – the sky’s the limit. Be sure to add a touch of sweetener such as maple syrup or honey to create a sweet treat to wake you up in the morning.

Cookies and brownies

If you’re going to indulge in some home-cooked cookies and brownies, you may as well incorporate a bit of protein for some extra gains. You can easily switch out a couple of tablespoons of flour in your recipe for some protein powder without dramatically changing the consistency or taste of the batter or dough. Alternatively, if baking isn’t your strong point, you could use ready-made mixes and simply stir your protein powder through the mix before adding the wet ingredients.

Hot chocolate

We’re all used to tipping our protein powder into cold milk and downing it like a milkshake, but in the winter months there’s nothing worse than chugging a freezing cold beverage on a chilly day. A really simple alternative is to make hot chocolate. Shake chocolate-flavoured protein and milk together as normal, then pour it into a pan and set it on a low heat. Stir it now and again until bubbles start to form around the edge, then tip it into a mug and enjoy. A squirt of whipped cream and a few marshmallows aren’t compulsory, but they definitely add a special something.

Ice cream

Making your own ice cream may sound like a chore, but not once you’ve discovered the heaven that is banana ice cream. Throw a few bananas in the freezer, and whenever you fancy a frozen treat just add them to a high speed blender and blitz away. You can add any protein powder you like to achieve your favourite flavour, and for extra indulgence you could throw in some chocolate chips, crushed cookies, Nutella or whatever else takes your fancy. The texture is incredibly creamy and indulgent, but since the main ingredients are just bananas and a solid hit of protein you can enjoy it pre workout without any of the guilt.