Mark Joyce

mark-joyce-medi-evil-nutrition-ambassadorMark Joyce

Expertise: Bodybuilding

Born: Essex, UK

Height: 177cm – class2

Off season: 116kg & climbing each year. Show day: 105kg & climbing each year.

Background: All my life I have been into sports of one kind or another: from gymnastics and swimming, to playing football for my town. Then in my late teens I got into BMXs, mountain biking and snowboarding. Afer that I developed a passion for custom cars and VW show scene. It was in my early 20s when I started getting into training as at 63kg I struggled to gain weight. I started making gym more of a priority and slowly gained in size and weight but was left down by my diet. This made me search for a coach to help provide a better structure to my training and diet, and after a lot of research found NABBA Pro, Jordan Peters (@Trainedbyjp). we have now worked together since 2013 when I completed as a beginner at UKBFF qualifer @84kg and was successful in qualifying for the British Finals.


2015:1st place class 2 Overall winner NABBA South East Qualifer, 1st place class 2 WABBA Hercules.

1st place class 2 & Overall winner IBFA/PCA Mr Hampshire

1st place class 2 & Overall winner IBFA/PCA Mr Teesside

4th place class 2 NABBA British Finals.

3rd place class 2 WABBA world championship Sicily Italy.

2016:1st place class 2 Overall winner NABBA South East Qualifer, 1st place class 2 PCA Mr Hampshire.

4th place class 2 NABBA British Finals.2nd place class 2 PCA British Finals.

2017: 1st place class 2 NABBA South East Qualifer.

Other interests: Travel abroad,VW car shows and racing, and spending time with family and my Frenchies.


Tony Reveglia

tony-reveglia-medi-evil-nutrition-ambassadorTony Reveglia

Expertise: Bodybuilding

Location: Bedford

Height: 173cm

Off season: 88kg. Show day: 73kg & climbing each year.

Background: I started by getting in shape to play American Football, which I did for 10 years with the Cambridgeshire Cats. I was also invited to Miami and Texas to play minor league all-star games. Bodybuilding was something I was always interested in so in 2015 I felt it was time to try something new and finally compete. I entered a couple of shows and decided I liked being on that stage and needed to find where I fitted in. I Spoke to a friend who is a Coach and very established bodybuilder himself, (Luke Nichols – Corpus Conditioning) he saw my potential and wanted to work with me also. We decide I fitted the Physique/Fitness style more and plans were made for 2016.


3rd PCA/WBF Welsh – April 16 (PCA Qualifier).

1st Mr Apollo Beach Body – May 16 (Independent show by Bodyshapers Gym, Kettering).

PCA Men’s Muscle Model Finalist – June 16 (British Finals).

1st Men’s Physique & Overall Men’s fitness – July 16 (WABBA Amateur Grand Prix).

3rd Men’s Fitness – November 16 (WABBA Mr & Mrs Universe).

2016: 2016 was a great year competing and is going to be a tough year to beat.

I like to challenge myself so follow me on my journey in 2017 to see where it takes me.

Other interests: Weight training, watching sport, eating good food.


Ryan Lynch


Ryan Lynch

Expertise: Bodybuilding/Calisthenics

Location: Winchester

Height: 173cm

Weight: 91kg

Background: Ryan is a calisthenics expert with amazing power and strength you’ll regularly see him muscle up in a local park or flagpole outside a local shopping centre in Winchester where he is from. Ryan has his own bodyweight strength based boot camp based in Winchester with a growing client base. Ryan purely focuses on core strength and can perform amazing feats. In 2017 he took to the stage for the first time at the BodyPower expo where he came in the final 6 athletes. We hope to see big things from Ryan in the coming years.


PCA BodyPower Finalist (1st competition).

Other interests: Powerlifting, fitness, modelling, boxing.


Adam Hindle

adam-hindle-medi-evil-nutrition-ambassadorAdam Hindle

Expertise: Powerlifting

Location: Essex

Height: 6ft

Off season: 156kg

Background: After a long stint of high level rugby and interest in many other sports I found myself always stronger than the rest of the lads on my team. What seems like an age ago now some friends convinced me to do a strongman comp, without really knowing what to do I entered and placed mid table but was hooked. Having worked in the supplement industry for years I knew what to do to get stronger so I pursued strength sports. Winning several open level comps fuelled me to try new things and being always statically strong but not the best at moving events the natural progression was to go into powerlifting. I’m a powerlifting, rugby and strongman coach with an advance diploma in sports specific dietetics. I love coaching people and helping others reach their goals and potential. I have a no bullsh*t approach to training and have become somewhat known for my sadistic leg sessions. I believe that training and eating are paramount to achieving full strength. Great nutrient dense products like Collosus really help me perform and grow. In my very little spare time I like to relax, spend time with good people, think about training, eat and I’m a big film geek. My goals for the future are a 500kg EQ squat, 1000kg raw total and to just push powerlifting to great heights. I live for the underground scene but seeing the difference this sport makes to people wants me to help make it attainable for all. But it won’t be easy! For them.


Several competitions later and years of dedicated training I have had British records in deadlift and bench and won the super heavyweight British battle in 2016 which I hope to defend this year. In 2018 I will be travelling to the Arnold Classic in Australia to compete at the PRORAW 10, an invite only competition. I’m blessed to own my own strength and conditioning gym in Salisbury Wiltshire.

My best lifts are

RAW- S-350kg B-220kg D-350kg

EQ- S-420kg B-300kg D-350kg

I also have a 450kg 18″ deadlift, have pressed 180 over head.

Other interests: Travel abroad, spending time with family n my frenchies and vv car shows n racing.



Gemma Oliver


Gemma Oliver

Location: Rob Frampton’s Strength -Tec Gym Fareham

Preferred contact: Twitter/Facebook/Instagram


My name is Gem and I’m a 39 year woman who has battled with weight problems, disordered eating and other issues for over 31 years. I also work full time as a Senior Intensive Care Specialist Nurse in a 26 bedded Level 1 Trauma/General intensive Care Unit

I’m not genetically gifted, nor am I a fitness expert , just a normal every day woman who decided to finally take charge of her life, who is willing to work hard to become fit and healthy for me.

I feel by sharing my journey of how I am  conquering the demons of life long obesity, and the abuse sustained during my marriage I can inspire others to live out their dreams and create a future that is filled with endless possibilities. But more importantly show that survival and recovery is possible for everyone.

I step out on the Pure Elite World Championship Stage later this year and I invite you to share this journey with me.

Publications:  Sun Woman Feature 2015 – First time I stepped on the MGU stage after initial sustained weight loss. Blog)

Any other items that you would like to link to your profile   :  Coached Rob Frampton at Strength – Tec Gym


Professional achievements:MGU Amazing Achiever November  2015MGU British Championships May 2016 Miss Monroe 2nd PlaceMGU World Championships November 2016 Miss Monroe 2nd Place
Other interests: Highly Spiritual- interested in all things paranormal
Avid supporter of International RugbyAvid fan of Strongman/woman competitions.I am owned by a diva of a cat called Magick!!

@ Gem_firefly1

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